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Stephen Schueler, Chairman of European Maritime Finance, recognized with the “2023 Global Sustainability Award” for Supporting the Shipping Industry’s Transition to Cleaner Fuel

Stephen Schueler has been recognized with the “2023 Global Sustainability Award” for his efforts supporting the energy, aviation and shipping industries transition to improved sustainability and cleaner fuel.

The shipping industry transitioned from heavy 3.5% sulphur fuel to the new more sustainable .5% fuel, reducing emissions by 85%. The fuel  transition is having a significant positive impact on the environment with 3m barrels of fuel per day converting to the cleaner fuel. Stephen has helped lead the transition through his role as CEO of Enerjen Capital, his additional roles and project leadership. These positions include Chairman of InerFuel, leveraging their partnership with Purify Fuel improving fuel consumption by 7% and decreasing NOx and carbon by 25%. The team captured the Monaco Silver Medal at this years Sustainability Summit. Stephen’s role as Chairman of European Maritime Finance, constructing the most fuel efficient super Eco class new vessels. Schueler’s passionate leadership in promoting green fuel and sustainable trade development is leading the energy, aviation and shipping industries with a positive transition to cleaner fuel. The 2023 Global Sustainability Award serves to recognize the actions of those in the corporate world taking steps to significantly advance the development of sustainable environmental practices in business. 

Stephen Schueler is the CEO of Enerjen Capital. Serves as Chairman of InerFuel, European Maritime Finance and Carbon Advisors. Board Advisor to (US largest on demand warehouse marketplace, Joblio (global HR staffing), Vikand (the largest Marine health care provider) and LumeNXT. Schueler has always focused on the sustainability of the environment and is currently making a significant impact. Stephen’s personal and company efforts are making significant contribution to improve our environment.

Career background:

Stephen Schueler was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. He began working at Procter & Gamble (P&G) after graduating from Miami University where he earned his Bachelor’s degree. He subsequently graduated with his M.B.A in Finance from San Francisco University.

Stephen Schueler worked for P&G globally in sales and general management, across countries including Argentina, Venezuela, South Korea and Russia, Stephen’s last role was Head of Global Retail Operations. Schuler says that P&G is an incredible company which helped create his passion for sustainability.

Schueler began his career as a sales rep for P&G before becoming unit manager and then district manager in the San Francisco region. It was during this time that Schueler earned his MBA from San Francisco University. Later, Schueler moved back to Cincinnati to work in P&G’s laundry care business and then began his international career. One of Schueler’s highlight roles during his time at P&G was supporting the launch of Ariel detergent across the Latin America’s southern cone. Schueler then lead P&G’s South Korea and later Russia and Eastern Europe business. Ultimately, after much travel, Schueler returned to Cincinnati to lead global retail operations for P&G.

After P&G, Schueler became the Corporate Vice President of Global Retail Sales and Marketing at Microsoft, where Schueler helped launch Xbox One, Office 365, Surface computer and the Windows phone. Schueler then moved to Maersk, the largest shipping company in the world. He served as Chief Commercial Officer, responsible for a total of 387 global offices across 130 countries. Stephen was also the CEO of the Safmarine Shipping Line.

Schueler is CEO of Enerjen Capital, serves as Chairman of the Board for Iner Fuel, European Maritime Finance and Health Advisor. Stephen is also Board Advisor for LumeNXT, Warehowz.Com, International Flight Support and Joblio. Schueler has continually dedicated himself to creating a greener world.

Stephen Schueler is passionate about the environment, travel, and family.. He has visited 162 countries with hopes to see every country. Schueler has made a difference through the leadership roles he has had throughout his career. He feels blessed that his current role gives him the opportunity to pursue initiatives that will allow him to help companies transition to greener energy solutions and resources. And the future looks bright as he takes his skill set and experience over the years and uses them to continue to inspire those who work with him and implement strategies that will create a sustainable world for everyone to enjoy.


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