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EMF Weekly 13

Tankers: The rock solid tank market continues the positive trend. The rates are both three and four times the cash breakeven in all major tank segments and generated huge cash...
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EMF Weekly 12

Tankers: It has been a much quieter week than the record rates we saw the week before in the VLCC and Suezmax segment. The rates from the Arabian Gulf to...
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EMF Weekly 11

Tankers: We have had an adventurous week in the tanker market. After the Russia refused to participate in further cuts, the oil and tanker market has been turned on it’s...
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Battle of the Barrels

The current global situation has been dramatically changed after the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. Described as a virus with significant high infection ratio, the pandemic has wounded both humans...
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EMF Weekly 10

Tankers: Tanker rates strengthened last week. We saw the biggest increase in the Aframax rates, which rose by just over 16% last week. We also observed a good drift in...
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EMF Weekly 9

Tankers: Earnings in the Aframax segment have fallen somewhat this week, largely due to reduced demand in the US Gulf. The VLCC segment, has been tighter even with a lack...
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EMF Weekly 8

Tankers: The rates in the tanker market remain relatively stable, with a slight fall of 10% in the Aframax segment. It’s worth noting that Aframax rates cut the highest of...
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EMF Weekly 7

Tankers: Tanker rates remained at a standstill for the two largest classes, VLCC and Suezmax. For Aframax, rates rose 30% to an average of $30,103 last week. This shows us,...
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EMF Tanker Market Outlook Seminar 2020

Since 2009, the tanker market has for a significant time been broken, earnings have been weak and the upswings that have been talked about have not had a solid foundation....
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