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EMF Weekly 7

Tankers: Tanker rates remained at a standstill for the two largest classes, VLCC and Suezmax. For Aframax, rates rose 30% to an average of $30,103 last week. This shows us,...
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EMF Tanker Market Outlook Seminar 2020

Since 2009, the tanker market has for a significant time been broken, earnings have been weak and the upswings that have been talked about have not had a solid foundation....
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EMF Weekly 6

Tankers: The tanker market has really started to notice the effects of external factors that have affected the market at the same time. Trade in China has seen a solid...
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EMF Weekly 5

Tankers: The tanker market continues to fall in rates across all major tanker segments. Aframax rates fell by 54%, mainly as a result of Libya cutting oil exports and cancellation...
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EMF Weekly 4

Tankers: Both VLCC and Suezmax segment earnings dropped somewhat last week. Aframax remains virtually unchanged, with a slight positive rate change. We note that the transactions in the secondary market...
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EMF Weekly 3

Tankers: The tank rates dropped slightly last week, especially the VLCC rates. This was mainly because charters focused more on the trades that were signed and put new endings on...
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EMF Weekly 2

Tankers: The tanker market has experienced a great start to 2020 with daily rates in the Aframax segment averaging $62.123. The effect from the IMO2020 regulations is significant as vessels...
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EMF Weekly 1

Tankers The tanker market has been through a fantastic December month, with the Christmas week giving the Aframax segment  average earnings of $73,110 per day. During the New Year’s week,...
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EMF Weekly 50

Tankers The tank rates for VLCC and Suezmax remain relatively stable, while the Aframax rates take a 22% upward leap from the previous week. The main reason for this is...
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