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EMF Weekly 43

Tankers After a couple of weeks of huge earnings for supertankers, the levels have dropped. Although earnings have fallen, the tanker market is still strong. We note that the United...
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EMF Weekly 42

Tankers The tanker market saw a bit of a cooling last week, with VLCC rates falling 69% and Suezmax 34% respectively. We also saw that several of the $ 300k...
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EMF Weekly 41

Tankers The tanker market continues to strengthen significantly. Last week, spot rates in Aframax rose another 15%, VLCC increased 260% and Suezmax was up 133%. We expect the Aframax segment...
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EMF Weekly 40

Tankers The tanker market has taken off in recent weeks, last week the spot rates in Aframax increased by 56%, VLCC increased by 71% and Suezmax was up 172%. The...
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EMF Weekly 39

Tankers We saw a significant rise in rates last week. VLCC’s rates surged by 43%. Aframax saw a earnings growth of 56%, delivering an average rate of $ 32,885 per...
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EMF Weekly 38

Tankers Exciting movements in the tanker market last week, VLCC rates increased by 39% and Suezmax rates by 49%. Aframax rates rose “only” 7% last week, but recent reports indicate...
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EMF Weekly 37

Tankers The Aframax spot rates continues to rise marginally, by 8% last week. In this week’s market report, it is impossible to avoid and mention the new events in Saudi...
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EMF Weekly 36

Tankers Aframax spot rates rose 50% from the previous week to $ 18,203. Refineries are slowly but surely increasing activity. We expect global refinement “throughput” to be 2.4 mb /...
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EMF Weekly 35

Tankers Aframax earnings increased 15% last week. There were several positive signals from the market, where rates in both Northern Europe and the Mediterranean / Black Sea, among other things,...
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