Stephen Schueler, Chairman of European Maritime Finance, captures Monaco’s Clean Energy Silver Medal

Copenhagen, Denmark, August 23, 2021 – Stephen Schueler, Chairman of European Maritime Finance, representing Inerfuel receives the honorable acknowledgment for its nanO2 ESG combustion catalyst technology at CleanEquity®, Monaco 2021.

Capturing Monaco’s Clean Energy silver medal at the Clean Equity conference, the new fuel additive aims to better the environment by improving fuel consumption by 7% and decrease CO2 and NOx by 25%. The annual event is hosted by the London-based specialist investment bank and attracts global investors to participate in presentations from emerging technologies designed to reduce environmental impacts.

Other partners and sponsors of the conference include Prince Albert II of Monaco’s Foundation, Cision, Covington & Burling, Cranfield University, the Monaco Economic Board, Taronis Fuels and features up to 30 of the world’s best in class next generation sustainable technology companies.

Global partnership leading industries transitioning to green and cleaner fuels.

“Purify Fuel was delighted and honored to receive second place recognition at CleanEquity Monaco 2021 amongst such an impressive field of presenters. With the world’s focus on developing immediate fossil fuel alternatives, we cannot lose sight of the reality that the majority of industries are still dependent on heavy-duty diesel fuel applications and searching for ways to reduce emissions. We were pleased that the immediate benefits of our nanO2 ESG combustion catalyst to help this primary fuel source burn cleaner were recognized by this body,” states Purify Fuel’s CEO, John Carroll.

As Purify Fuel’s global partner, Inerfuel supports Purify Fuel’s ESG Fuel distribution benefiting from improved fuel performance and significant CO2 reduction.

Stephen Schueler, Chairman of Inerfuel: “We are very proud of our global partnership, leading industries transitioning to green and cleaner fuels, we strive to make a difference every day. NanO2 is a significant fuel discovery that enables industries to transition to cleaner fuel.”

Tony Crawford, CEO of Inerfuel: “Our global cooperation improves the environment by reducing carbon over 20-30% while improving fuel efficiency by 7-10%.”

Purify Fuel has been identified as one of the world’s most innovative sustainable technology companies and presented to selected sovereign, corporate, family, and professional investors, policymakers, end-users, and international trade media. Its nanO2 ESG combustion catalyst technology provides a transitional solution that will help fight climate change until alternatives are invented. The product has been extensively tested since the middle of last year and has been aggressively launched across multiple industries (rail, marine, oil and gas, and mining).  Since 2018 it has treated 50MM gallons of diesel removing the equivalent emissions produced by 139,000 automobiles.

About Inerfuel:

Inerfuel is a leading global renewable energy company supporting improved environmental solutions through carbon reduction. The company was founded in Houston, Texas to provide energy-consuming industries with better solutions improving performance, cost reduction, and significant environmental improvements. Inerfuel has been recognized as a global renewable energy thought leader making a difference.

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