European Maritime Finance (“EMF”) partnering with Atlas Maritime, announces the sale of two Eco type aframax tankers for a record $155 million dollars ($77.5 million each). March 1st, 2023

The Delaware Star and the Galveston Star are two of five original aframax new buildings, ordered from DH Shipbuilding

“We are excited to announce the sale of two Eco type 115,100 -Dwt Delaware Star and Galveston Star, both built in 2023. These investments will provide a successful return for our customers and continue to build our long term reputation. We are proud of our long-standing partnership with Atlas Maritime.” Martin Haugaard, CEO of European Maritime Finance.

The Delaware Star and the Galveston Star are two of five original aframax new buildings, ordered from DH Shipbuilding. The two vessels are due to be delivered in the next few weeks. Atlas Maritime lead the initiative together with European Maritime Finance. Atlas Maritime and European Maritime Finance have a proven record of consistently providing positive returns to investors. 

“The best returns in shipping require a counter-cyclical approach and an early mover advantage, both on the way in and on the way out. What today gets reported as a super lucrative deal, was actually inked amid the deepest coronavirus gloom, one of the most challenging periods for both shipping and humanity.

We continuously monitor the markets, study the fundamentals and strive to identify the next undervalued sector; we are not afraid to make bold moves provided we are not taking uncalculated risks. We have successfully navigated the shipping cycles during the last 20 years and built an exceptional track record of booking solid returns for the investors.

We are proud of our long company history, solid track record and well-earned reputation, as an entrusted partner/owner/operator of modern tonnage. We are content with what we have achieved so far, excited about what the future holds for further investment opportunities, and more importantly, confident about our capability to turn these into another success story for Atlas Maritime and our partners. We appreciate our partnership with European Maritime Finance who have actively followed our lead, embraced our vision and supported our growth strategy over the years and we remain committed to expanding our relationship through  more lucrative deals in the near future.” Leon Patitsas, CEO of Atlas Maritime.

European Maritime Finance, Atlas Maritime and DH Shipping have a dynamic partnership, delivering innovation on time. 

“We are committed to being market leaders in sustainability. The two vessels are equipped with the most fuel efficient engines (Super eco) and sustainable, which helps lead the industry environmental transition.” EMF and Atlas Maritime have a strong track record leading the maritime industry transition to greener and cleaner fuel.” Stephen Schueler, Chairman of European Maritime.

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