European Maritime Finance (EMF) host sustainable shipping seminar in Copenhagen, Denmark becoming the first carbon neutral capital by 2025

Copenhagen, June 7th 2024 – The meeting was held at Josty, built in 1899. 

European Maritime Finance was proud to host our latest zero carbon shipping seminar in Copenhagen, Denmark. Copenhagen is a global leader in technology and green objectives and has the ambition to be the first carbon-neutral capital by 2025.  Copenhagen will achieve the objective through 546 km of bicycle paths, fleet of electric harbor ferries and most hotels are now eco-certified. 

The seminar brought together investors, maritime experts and the world class expertise of Clarkson’s analysis. Notable participants included EMF’s Co-founder and Board Member, Martin Almdal; Chief Executive Officer, Benny Buchardt and Stephen Schueler, Chairman of the Green Transition, Investment Committee and Managing Director. The event also featured Jørn Bakkelund from Clarkson’s, the world’s largest ship broker. 

European Maritime Finance is committed to fostering collaboration across the marine industry, placing a strong emphasis on sustainability-focused investing.

Martin Haugaard, Chief Executive Officer (Schweiz) AG and Chairman of the Investment Committee “European Maritime Finance is committed to supporting the industry’s effort towards zero carbon. We are proud to host our event in Copenhagen, the capital aiming to be first in the world carbon neutral by 2025”. 

Martin Almdal, Co-Founder and Board Member, “European Maritime Finance would like to thank our investors participating in the Copenhagen investment seminar. We see Copenhagen as a global leader is port shipping sustainability though their new electric ferries and other initiatives”. 

Stephen Schueler, Managing Director and Chairman of Green Transition, Investment Committee, “European Maritime Finance (EMF) supports the industry’s focus on zero carbon shipping and see our efforts enabling achieving the targets through our greener and more sustainable vessels”.

European Maritime Finance’s dedication to sustainability has recently been recognized by Time magazine and USA Today, solidifying its position as a global leader in sustainable shipping investments. EMF has obtained its license as an alternative investment fund manager (AIFM) from the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.

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