European Maritime Finance (EMF) and the American Club welcome new US Ambassador to Denmark Alan Leventhal.

The event was held in Copenhagen to honor the newly appointed US Ambassador to Denmark Alan Leventhal and his wife Sherry celebrating the American Club’s 102nd anniversary, the second oldest American Club in the world. 

Ambassador Leventhal was credentialed as the United States Ambassador to the Kingdom of Denmark by Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II on July 1, 2020. Before he was appointed Ambassador, Leventhal was the Chairman and Chief  Executive Officer of Beacon Capital Partners. He previously served as President and CEO of Beacon Properties Corporation, a publicly traded real estate investment company.

Leventhal is the former Chair of the Board Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation where he also served on the Executive Committee. He was an Executive Committee and life member of MIT and Trustee Emeritus of Boston University where he served as Chair from 2004 to 2008. Leventhal was a life trustee of Northwestern University and also served on the boards of the Friends of Post Office Square and the Norman B. Leventhal Map and Educational Center at the Boston Public Library.

Representing the global shipping investment firm was Martin Haugaard, CEO of European Maritime Finance, Stephen Schueler, President of the American Club Denmark and Chairman of European Maritime Finance, and Torben Bager, Board Advisor to EMF.

Leventhal received his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Northwestern University and a Master’s of Business Administration from Dartmouth College. He is married to Mrs. Sherry Leventhal of New Orleans, Louisiana, and together they have six children and 12 grandchildren.

Martin Haugaard, CEO of  European Maritime, and Chairman, Stephen Schueler welcomed the new Ambassador to Denmark. Performing during the evening was double Grammy Award winner Mads Tolling, also participating in the Principal Ballerina of the Royal Denmark Ballet and Knighted by the Queen of Denmark, Holly Dorger. Torben Bager, Board Advisor, European Maritime Finance.

Ambassador Leventhal talked about the importance of international trade and have a strong relationship with Denmark. European Maritime’s CEO Martin Haugaard said, “Being the sponsor of this prestigious event was in recognition of the fact that European Maritime Finance is committed to global trade, especially between Denmark and the United States. European Maritime is focused on sustainability through the most advanced fuel-efficient vessels.” Schueler, also President of the American Club Denmark noted, “we are fortunate to have Alan Leventhal as our U.S. Ambassador building on the strong foundation of the United States and Denmark’s collaboration.”

About EMF:
European Maritime is a corporate finance company. Focused on direct investments in maritime commercial vessels, ports, and infrastructures. Our current portfolio is well diversified and we continuously seek to expand within traditional shipping segments. We actively support the industry’s transition to cleaner fuel improving the environment for future generations and enabling global commerce.

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