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Tankers: The Suezmax segment had an upturn last week, while the VLCC and the Aframax segments fell. This is current state of the tanker market. There is a temporary oversupply of tonnage. This is due to the oil stocks that were built up in Q1 2020. There is still hope that the rates will get...
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Tankers: We saw marginal improvement in both the Aframax and Suezmax segments last week, meanwhile the VLCC segment declined somewhat. It was a promising start to the week for the Aframax segment, but activity weakened somewhat throughout the week. This meant that rates did not go higher. We note that it is mainly the movements...
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Another project completed! The low markets in 2017 and 2018 led to many shipowners seeing themselves benefiting from selling ships for recycling. In 2018, we registered the highest levels of Aframax ships that were sold for dismantling in several years. This made us consider the ideal timing for investing in the Aframax segment. In January...
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Tankers: The Aframax and Suezmax segment improved last week, while the VLCCs stayed put. Finally, it appears that volumes from Libya have begun to affect rates. The rates in the North Sea have also begun to strengthen. The market is expected to tighten further as we move towards November and the winter market. Aframax –...
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