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Scandinavian companies modernizing ship operation

Danish Maersk Tankers partners up with Norwegian Klaveness Digital
Klaveness Digital has spent three and a half year on developing a cloud-based platform for processing, storing and export of operational shipping data. The service will provide its user’s information for data-driven decisions, digital solutions, and services.

We believe that this strategic collaboration with Maersk Tankers will accelerate the development of smart digital solutions for the shipping industry. Transparency and cooperation is the key in the future of our industry, and this partnership shows that we work towards the same objectives, said Aleksander Stensby – CEO in Klaveness Digital.

Maersk Tankers has a large database of information on tanker routes, and by plotting this information into the platform, largest it will give the company access to faster and more cost-efficient solutions. The development costs will be shared between the two Scandinavian partners.

We have some of the innermost extensive set of data on tanker routes. By partnering up with Klaveness we get to collaborate with a like-minded, digital-focused company, said Peter Schroder, Head of Digital in Maersk Tankers.

Maersk will test the waters of the Arctic – shortening shipping lanes between Asia and Europe

The World’s largest shipping company, Maersk, has decided to send its first container ship through the Arctic to explore the opportunity of shortening the trip from Asia to Europe. It is believed by many analysts that the test is a turning point for both the shipping industry and the Arctic.
The test is set for September 1st with the new “Venta Maersk,” a vessel with a reinforced hull and a capacity of 3,600 containers. It is a trial to explore an unknown route for container shipping and to collect scientific data. However, in a statement from Maersk, it’s stated that the company doesn’t see the Northern Sea Route as an alternative to the usual routes:

We plan new services according to our costumers’ demand, trading pattern, and population centers.

Published by SIPA Maritime