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EMF Weekly 37

Tankers: It was a very quiet week across the segments. The Aframax rates seem to have bottomed out, and activity as early as next week appears to be significantly better....
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EMF Weekly 36

Tankers: It has been a very quiet week for the tanker market once again. The good news is that as we cross into September, the historically weak Q3 will soon...
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EMF Weekly 35

Tankers: The rates are “soft” across the supertanker segments. Refineries across the globe are now in the process of their maintenance period, which is expected to be completed within the...
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EMF Weekly 34

Tankers: In the Aframax segment, the week started with  significantly higher activity than what we have seen recently. The balance of power seems to be gradually shift, and it seems...
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EMF Weekly 33

Tankers: Week 33 has been a relatively steady and calm week in the tanker market. Earnings remain at roughly the same levels as last week. In the Aframax segment, shipowners...
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EMF Weekly 32

Tankers: The rates fall marginally over the large tanker segments. In general, it has been very calm this week, where tenants have met little opposition from shipowners in terms of...
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EMF Weekly 27

Tankers: Rates are rising marginally this week, however, the tonnage list has still been longer than what the activity has been. It is also registered that Libya has resumed oil...
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EMF Weekly 26

Tankers: As expected, earnings remain low in the tanker market during the day. Activity is relatively weak during the day, with production cuts contributing to further pressure on rates. In...
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EMF Weekly 25

Tankers: Earnings in the tanker market continue to fall. VLCC is the only segment that has managed to keep rates above cost levels. In the smaller segments, rates are weak....
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