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EMF Weekly 45

Tankers: We saw marginal improvement in both the Aframax and Suezmax segments last week, meanwhile the VLCC segment declined somewhat. It was a promising start to the week for the...
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EMF XVI Project

Another project completed! The low markets in 2017 and 2018 led to many shipowners seeing themselves benefiting from selling ships for recycling. In 2018, we registered the highest levels of...
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EMF Weekly 44

Tankers: The Aframax and Suezmax segment improved last week, while the VLCCs stayed put. Finally, it appears that volumes from Libya have begun to affect rates. The rates in the...
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EMF Weekly 43

Tankers: Aframax rates remained relatively stable over the past week. Positive signals from Libya have given new optimism in the market for the coming weeks. VLCC rates rose slightly, but...
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EMF Weekly 42

Tankers: The Aframax segment rates declined further. The other two vessel classes had a somewhat smaller decline in earnings. Earnings in the market are challenging for the previously mentioned reasons...
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EMF Weekly 41

Tankers: The rates were almost at a standstill in the Aframax segment last week, the other two vessel classes had a somewhat weaker development. Q4 has started, and although we...
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EMF Weekly 40

Tankers: Rates strengthened somewhat for the Aframax segment last week, beyond that, it was slightly down for the other two classes. Q4 is just around the corner, and we expect...
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EMF Weekly 39

Tankers: The tanker market remains relatively soft. Average income in recent months is between $10-15,000. A fall from over $40,000 between January and May. Weak earnings are a result of...
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EMF Weekly 38

Tankers: VLCC had a good rise this week with a little over 100% in the spot rates. We still expect volatility, but these signals are a good sign. The closer...
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