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EMF Weekly 25

Tankers: Earnings in the tanker market continue to fall. VLCC is the only segment that has managed to keep rates above cost levels. In the smaller segments, rates are weak....
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EMF Weekly 24

Tankers: Further falls in rates are registered, where earnings in Aframax are at their lowest level in about 1 year. The VLCC segment remains stable strongly with rates above 2...
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EMF Weekly 23

Tankers: VLCC rates have remained stably solid as a result of a relatively tight tonnage list as several tankers have entered into floating stock contracts. Activity has been relatively high...
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EMF Weekly 22

Tankers: There has been good activity in the VLCC market this week, where rates have risen markedly as a result of strong demand from China, where large parts of the...
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EMF Weekly 21

Tankers: As expected, rates have fallen further, as the market has felt the production cuts from OPEC, which has resulted in particularly little activity from the Hormuz Strait. In the...
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EMF Weekly 20

Tankers: The tanker market offers lucrative earnings for the exposed. The week that went by was very similar to the week before. The tanker market is in a situation in...
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EMF Weekly 19

Tankers: The rates continue to decline in the major tank segments, but seem to have ”hit rock bottom” as the situation is now. It is important to note that prices...
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EMF Weekly 18

Tankers: The rates generally fell over all the large tank segments. This is due to relatively little cargo that had to be shipped compared to week 17 and that the...
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EMF Weekly 17

Tankers: As expected, the rates got a real boost last week. Average earnings in the Aframax segment increased by 135% compared to the previous week. The Contango curve looks very...
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