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Rates are largely unchanged among the Aframax and VLCC segments, while the Suezmaxe segment have experienced a decline of approx. 13%. Due to large upswings in steel values, there are currently good trends among shipyard prices. The upswings come as a result of the limited space at the shipyards. This means that the shipbrokers, who have contact with the shipowners, report significantly higher prices. Yard prices are now slots for a standard unit of $100m. pr. Stk. It is approx. $6m. above suggested retail prices for early May.

Aframax – 12 month TC: $16,000 pr. day
Aframax – Average spot market rate: $10,328 pr. day

Dry Bulk:

The Capesize segment experienced a decline because of a fall in prices of approx. 17% last week. This was due to holidays in several regions. Despite the decline, earnings are approximentely 96% above the average measured from 2009. There are no major changes among the Panamax segment, as they are also affected by the calmer market trends. 

Capesize 12 month TC: $28,000
Kamsarmax 12 month TC: $23,750



A 2003 built Aframax was sold for $13.5 last week.  The transaction is $1.5m larger than the sale of a similar vessel back in February. The sale of the Aframax is an example of one of the many successful trades that recently has happened.

Dry Bulk:

Two Kamsarmax vessels from 2012 were sold for $21m and $21.3m with BWTS monitored on the last ship. This is thus an example of two strong transactions in the market.