EMF Suez NB1

Finalized Project

EMF Suez NB1

EMF chose to exploit the market fundamentals in early 2023 and reached an agreement with our trusted partners and our preferred South Korean shipyard, which included the order of four Suezmax newbuildings. The newbuild order had convincing pricing and favorable delivery slots. Additionally, the vessels have been ordered to the most environmentally friendly standards (scrubber & ECO Tier III).


$ 0 m

Kapital investeret

Q3 2023



Forventet salg

Q3 2025

Forventet afkast


Anticipated Time Horizon
3 Years

Faktisk salg

Faktisk afkast
1 år

Faktisk tidshorisont
1 Year

EMF Suez NB1 Has Been Finalized.

EMF Suez NB1 Has Been Fully Subscribed.

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