Finalized Project

7,000 CEU LNG dual fuel PCTC

EMF PCTC Green IIII & Partner Atlas Maritime concluded the first step into a new market for the organizations in the early months of 2022. EMF & Atlas made agreements for 3 PCTC Pure Car / Truck Carriers from a renowned shipyard with highly competitive pricing. Since the agreement was made both vessel values, and rates in the PCTC space have appreciated significantly.


$ 0 m

Kapital investeret

Q1 2022


Forventet salg

Q2 2025

Forventet afkast


Anticipated Time Horizon
3 Years

Faktisk salg

Faktisk afkast
1 år

Faktisk tidshorisont
1 Year

EMF PCTC Green IV Has Been Finalized.

EMF PCTC Green IV Has Been Fully Subscribed.

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