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Fearnley’s, a global leader in marine transactions, reaffirmed their positive stance toward the Tanker segment.

Overall tanker markets softened last week due to the Thanksgiving holiday in the USA. However, shipbroker and research provider Fearnley’s reaffirmed their positive outlook for the tanker segment and repeated their Buy recommendation on the crude tanker segments, citing the lowest order book since the 1980s (4.5%), a strong winter market, high refinery margins, and low inventories. 

Suezmax rates remained relatively stable, supported by stronger-than-expected fixing activity at the start of the week. Weaker fundamentals were expected for the end of the week as the extended Thanksgiving weekend in the US reduced activity levels; however, week-on-week rates remained quite stable. 

Aframax came down in the recently strong Mediterranean market despite reasonable cargo activity, as surrounding markets could not offer support. Activity levels were also impacted by the holiday market in the US.

“The Thanksgiving holiday weekend limited activity at the back end of the week; while fundamentals remain attractive”

VLCC markets softened this week, primarily driven by limited volumes. Volumes from the Middle East Gulf were limited but held up better in the West looking into December. The softening comes after a recent sizeable increase in rates, and thus rates remain historically high. However, Clarksons Research see few near-term catalysts to drive upside in the VLCC segment.

There is no change to the Panama Canal situation and more evidence that vessels are avoiding the Panama Canal. An article in TradeWinds highlights a Glencore-chartered MR tanker, taking a route from Chile to the Northeast of America via the Strait of Magellan, a detour of thousands of miles via the South American continent to avoid the Panama Canal.

$ 0 /dag

Aframax, 12 måneders TC

$ 0 /dag

Aframax, Average spot


Bulk markets gain speed and strengthen across the board.

Capesize markets further strengthened, gaining momentum with significant rate increases across markets. The Atlantic experienced strength as enquiries, particularly in the North, were strong while supply was limited amid a shorter ballaster list. Rates in the Pacific also ramped up towards the back end of the week, despite a sluggish start.

“Bulk markets continue rising as thin tonnage lists have faced growing activity levels across the board.”

Similar market conditions played out in Capesize markets as fresh enquiries and limited tonnage lists saw rates push higher. The back-to-back weeks of higher activity gave support to rates. However, activity levels began slowing towards the end of the week.

Handy markets also benefitted from the improved market conditions, with consistently strong demand in the Pacific, while limited tonnage lists in the Atlantic supported higher rates, despite lower-than-expected “Thanksgiving rush” activity levels.

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Capesize, 12 måneders TC

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Kamsarmax, 12 måneders TC

PCTC (Bilfragtskibe)

PCTC markets show a willingness to introduce cutting-edge AI technology.

Recently, numerous articles have pointed toward the PCTC market’s willingness to test and integrate new AI technologies, painting an idea for next-generation vessel technology. Earlier in November, Japan’s Mitsui O.S.K. Lines announced that it is developing an AI-based system for improved fire safety. Fire safety has gained greater attention as the percentage of electric vehicles with hotter-burning lithium-ion batteries has grown. The camera-based fire detection system can support and improve legacy smoke detection systems and help prevent runaway fire events on board.

“PCTC owners are adopting cutting edge technology, giving insight into the future of tech adoption in PTCT markets”

Elsewhere we learned of a new autonomous navigation system implemented by a K-Line car carrier, which successfully completed a 1,600km roundtrip voyage across Japan, where the system maintained normal crew navigation tasks and successfully proposed an avoidance route and steered the vessel to safety during avoidance situations.

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Ingen nyheder


Indicative TC (1 år)
Type Ton Week 47 Week 43 + /-
VLCC 300t. $ 57.250 $ 57.250 0 %
Suemax 160t. $ 47.250 $ 43.250 9 %
Aframax 115t. $ 47.500 $ 42.750 11 %
MR 50t. $ 28.750 $ 28.500 1 %
Indicative Values
Type Resalg 5 år 10 år 15 år
VLCC 125.0 98.0 74.0
Suemax 95.0 78.0 61.0
Aframax 83.0 70.5 55.0
MR 53.0 43.5 33.0


Indicative TC (1 år)
Type Ton Week 47 Week 43 + /-
Capesize 180t. $ 18.500 $ 15.000 23 %
Panamax 82t. $ 14.500 $ 13.500 7 %
Supramax 58t. $ 12.375 $ 11.500 8 %
Handysize 38t. $ 12.000 $ 11.250 7 %
Indicative Values
Type Resalg 5 år 10 år 15 år
Capesize 67.5 50.5 30.5
Panamax 39.0 33.0 23.0
Supramax 36.5 30.0 19.5
Handysize 33.0 26.5 17.0

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