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Tankers: As expected, earnings remain low in the tanker market during the day. Activity is relatively slow during the day, with production cuts contributing to further pressure on rates. Global oil demand appears to be picking up faster than anticipated. Production cuts will be canceled and the stock pull effect minimized, which will increase earnings...
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Tankers: Earnings in the tanker market continue to decline. VLCC is the only segment that has managed to keep rates above cost levels. In the smaller segments, the rates are weak. Consensus going forward is still volatility, but in Aframax, a more balanced tonnage list is starting to be able to provide much-needed support in...
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Tankers: Further falls in rates are recorded, where earnings in Aframax are at their lowest level in about 1 year. The VLCC segment stays strong with rates above 2 times break even levels. In the future, there is a positive mood among the shipowners, as further sanctions can be expected against tankers that have traded...
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Tankers: VLCC rates have remained stable due to the relatively tight tonnage list as several tankers have gone on floating stock contracts. The activity has been relatively high, with reference to China’s record-high import of oil that has employed the VLCC vessels. Aframax earnings have come under further pressure as demand continues to be weak...
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